I’m going to tell about just a 4 things you can use this software for (and how it can make you a ton of money). 

If you haven’t seen this amazing product in action yet, I highly recommend going here and watching this short demo video first. 

This gives you instant access to search and view all Facebooks ads currently running (and a huge chunk of past ads too). 

You can search and filter to see the exact target audiences of an ad, the ad copy used and even the landing page they send traffic to. 

It allows you to easily find the profitable ads and to quickly copy what works, so you don’t have to waste any time and money on what doesn’t. 

Being able to completely skip the testing phase, eliminate all risk and instantly know what is profitable, is of course amazing… but what can you actually use this for? 

Here are a few ideas… 

1. Ecommerce 

You’ll be able to see if people are running paid ads for any product you want to sell. This means you’ll only be adding top selling and profitable products to your stores… even better you can copy your competitors winning ads and gain an almost unfair advantage over them. 

2. Affiliate marketing 

Imagine the advantage of knowing whether an affiliate product will convert before you put any time, effort or money into promoting it. Now you can search for the product and if people are running paid ads for it you have a winner… and some ads you can copy too 🙂 

3. Local Marketing 

This is one of my favorites. Search for ads for local businesses and find the bad ones with low engagement… and you instantly have a bunch of prospects you can offer your services to (check THIS ARTICLE out). 

Or how about spying on the competition for an easy way to improve your client’s results. 

4. List Building 

Browse through the lead generation ads on Facebook, see the landing pages and copy the good campaigns for the easiest way to quickly build a profitable list in any niche! 

That’s just a few of the many ways you can use right now to increase your profit. It’s really only your imagination that will put a limit on how much you can make with this information at your fingertips. 

Check out this page now and if you can think of more ways to benefit from the wealth of information this software gives you… then I would love to hear from you. 

I already use this in my daily business routine and I highly recommend that you do the same in yours…CLICK HERE

#MakeSalesNotWar 😉


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