Build High Converting Affiliate Websites In Minutes with ZingBank!

Jamie Lewis built ZingBank with the “One Step Developer” Engine to build high converting affiliate sites in minutes if not seconds!

Over 360 Templates in 20 niches are available and ready to put in front of buyers with a few clicks.

Watch this how to instead of a review video where i´m going to show you step by step the clicks you need to do to publish a ready to make money affiliate website from scratch..

I Usually do not make reviews and stuff like that for products or services…BUT What i´m doing is:

i show you from the start to the end HOW I USE a product to produce something..

so my friend Jamie asked me if i can walk through his software and make sure that everything works smooth…for sure i did that and i was pretty excited about this thing (again)

Its all about “building websites in minutes if not seconds” without any technical requirements …sound crazy i know..

The coolest part in my eyes is that you can connect every page DIRECT with a DOMAIN without any technical skillz or hosting stuff at all..

Anyway i made a quick video (less than 8 minutes) where i start from scratch and ended up after 7 minutes (including talking) with a complete set up:

– Domain
– Website
– Product to sell

Pretty crazy…Pretty cool..just watch how i build it in front of your eyes:



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