Selling On The Phone – 2 Phone Sales Tips

2 Phone sales tips to selling on the phone by marc steffen. Phone selling tips are golden nuggets if they include phone sales techniques, steps of sale, a...

Some Thoughts: Sounds Familiar?

Make sure you always move forward: time will never come back and most people lose more per day than they think.

Success Factor #2 – Do Not Trick Yourself With Informations

Make sure you get the right information instead of a lot informations, Marc

WHY Success Factor #1 Is So Important

I´ll give you a really cool and simple example with a picture, a nail and a hammer so you´ll understand immediately why Success Factor #1 is so...

Success Factor #1 – Follow Steps

It´s ridiculous and it seems like a global "problem" all over everything: cooking, dancing, building stuff, playing games or at least making money or what ever. If it...

Go For Numbers Not For Money – Mistake Freestyle

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Business Opportunities – How to Use It The Right Or The Wrong Way

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