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Let me share with you a strategy you can use with this tool real quick..enjoy

The first thing i do is i´m looking for a drop shipping ad and product that already work (just have a look at the numbers later)..

I´ll go with the funnel software “Shopify” and will have a look at the engagement:

This “glow in the dark” Necklace (left side) seems to be a pretty good one! Check the likes (952,9k) and much more important the comments (57,6k):

Lets have a deeper look at the ad, demographics, landing page, ad copy and everything by simply click on “see all details of this ad”:

So they have actually the link in the post which will lower the cost of the ad in this case PLUS the motivate people to tag others which is the move that generates a lot of comments and push the ad viral 🙂 nice to learn things like this as well…just by using this software..

Lets have a look at the landing page:

Well thats a super simple page which has exactly on it what is promised on the ad..plus NO DISTRACTIONS…keep it simple…

They sell this thing for $22.95 each.…lets hop over to Ali Express to have a look if the have it and for how much they sell it (in case you are not familiar with drop shipping: thats how it works ;-))


HOLY …. $0.72 – $0.92 on Ali Express!…Thats pretty cool actually!
So whats next?..

…Quick Strategy Tip Here:
I recommend to rebuild this construct and maybe run a similar ad in a different country 🙂

Hey! Thanks for reading and if this software looks like something you can use to improve your activities as well…CLICK HERE for more information and the official site where you can get it now.

Take Care and #MakeSalesNotWar <3


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