• Explodes your open rates and the number of subscribers who open your emails on a regular basis.
  • Skyrockets your click-throughs from a stronger bond with your subscribers, because you’re targeting their interests.
  • Multiplies the virality of your site, bringing MORE visitors to your front door, highly interested in what you have to offer them.
  • Enhances your lead conversions and list power.
  • Increases your sales conversions and creates repeat buyers.
  • Eliminates subscriber complaints almost completely.
  • Enchants your list empowering you to promote MULTIPLE offers at the same time, and get better results than you’ve ever seen!
  • Gives you 5X the results of EVERY Email. Every Campaign. EVERY BROADCAST TO YOUR SUBSCRIBERS!


I´m good in a lot of things…E-Mail Marketing is one of the things i have no clue about..well..i know the theory but i never put some attention into it:
my average open rate is somewhere between 0.5 % and 5 %, Click Rate: 0.2 % and 1 %.

Definitely not something to make a BIG RAAAARRRRRR in the market but as i said: i never really focused on this stuff…to be honest: i Fucked it up in a few ways like:

  • mixed lists
  • unclear headlines on the capture pages
  • a lot of curiosity opt-ins (just want to know whats behind)
  • never mailed
  • no autoresponder

….the list goes on…

Finally, Jason asked me to have a look over this strategy and since he is a well known dude in this space i thought by myself: ok (i know…not that much emotions in this ok but that was what i thought :-))

Lets give it a chance Annnnnnnd the results blown me away!!!

The picture above is actually featured on the sales page and was my personal feedback to Jason..

With that said it would be stupid to NOT CONTINUE with what i learned:

i keep testing and follow the steps from Jason and the results above are definitely average till then..

I highly recommend this strategy based on own experience (as always)!

Since the launch is over, Jason added a LOT OF COOL BONUSES AS WELL and you can check this stuff out by clicking THIS LINK

Here a quick overview from myself:

Thank you for reading this post and enjoy your E-Mail Success,

Just get this stuff here and IMPLEMENT it RIGHT NOW!


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