The Magical Science Behind

The Law Of Attraction is not magical nonsense..its a law that is working around you just like gravity does and its grounded in simple quantum physics.

Einstein showed us that energy and matter are two sides of the same coin:

In his theory of relativity E=mc2, the entire universe is made up of energy, vibrating at different frequencies.

The same energy that exists all over the universe exists within us.

Energy therefore is at the basis of all physical reality. Energy is vibrating on different speeds. 

This speeds determine what we see as solid matter and also what we can not perceive.

Its the energy we cannot perceive yet as solid matter…that is the “magic” of the law of attraction!

To Attract What You Desire, You Must Match The Frequency Of It.

You HAVE TO find the energetic frequency of it and vibrate there too.

That means to attract happiness you must feel happy.

To attract love you must feel love.

There are 3 simple steps to getting on the same energetic frequency as your desires.

  1. Find the feeling place of it
  2. Act, speak and be like you already have it
  3. Take what positive action you can towards it.

The law of attraction is just about matching energetic will attract what you are looking for: ALWAYS

Through your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Its always within YOUR CONTROL to find happy, loving, hopeful thoughts.

You Can Start Small Or You Can Dream Big.

Everything you dream of is possible in this energy-based universe..

..So take a leap of faith, control what is within your control regarding your dream and then leave the rest up to the simple science of the law of attraction: You will attract what your are looking for.



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