“Where and how should i start?” is a question i see and i hear a lot..the answer is actually pretty difficult but here is one thing i want to let you know about:

This product is definitely the “thing” i recommend because of several reasons i want to share with you..

  1. You have full access to everything without any restrictions at all
  2. You don´t have to put in ANY PAYMENT INFORMATIONS to open up your account
  3. Its 100% Free for +10 days
  4. You can even sell the product while you are in a free trial
  5. If you sell the product lets say 10 times in your free trial, the profit you make will stay in your account and will not pass up, down or something like this
  6. You can transfer your profit as soon as you invest into the license by yourself…

This leads to the wonderful conclusion:
if you sell the product in your free trial mode 10 times means you would get $250 per month (residual since its a monthly subscription)…the monthly costs are $50 which means in other words: you can exchange $50 with $200.

I really don´t know another license based product who offers something like this at all…so its a great start..

Beside the fact you need the tools anyway to work online, the fact you can sell it in several different angles makes it to a fantastic choice.

What Happen After The Trial Ends

Well…lets go with the example above..if you would sell the product 10 times which means $200 in profit every month and your trial ends:
There will be an (your) account with ten sales and the monthly profit will sum up in your account..as soon as you would pay the license, you can release the money…

Which leads me to a fancy story…there was this dude you opened up a free account, has set up a given autoresponder sequence and sent some traffic into it….then he “forgot” the account 🙂

1 Year Later…

i asked if he would sell me the leads he generated..he told me he never looked at the dashboard again…so i told him he should pay those $50 to get access to have a look…he did and found out he generated 21 Sales!
21 active members means $525 per month times 12 = $6,300!!

Yep, he basically paid $50 to reactivate his account and found out he has $6,300 in there…not a bad deal 🙂

thats what i meant with: if you make sales the profit will stay in your account…so the worst thing that can happen is:
You make some sales, your account fills up with profit and you know nothing about it because you forgot it…

If this sounds like something you want to have a look at it:

  1. Create your account here for free
  2. Log in to your account
  3. Click on “Resources” in the navigation to head over to “fast start”
  4. Have fun by using, selling or promoting the product

To your success!


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